The company

Since its inception, has developed Gomplast uninterruptedly through an ongoing effort to overcome technological, business and management, increasing its presence in both the domestic and international, to be located in places cutting edge technology, quality, innovation and service.


Gomplast, specializes in roller coating mixtures own rubber, polyurethane and fluoropolymer since 1985. Our more 25 years experience and close collaboration with our customers, both consumers and manufacturers of machinery has allowed us to accumulate vast knowledge of the applications used in industries that provide services.


Innovation is the foundation of our growth and one of the values ​​that define the company's philosophy, reflected in the way we work and understand the needs of the market. El nostre departament de R D està equipat amb laboratoris de quality control, research and applicationBeing supervised by a specialized technical team that deals with the development of new and improved formulations of existing, in order to respond to market needs.

The constant exchange of information and experiences between group companies Mitex i HannecardAs well as membership GRTG (Global Roller Technologies Group) that Mitex created with multinationals Katsura (Japan) and ROTADYNE (USA), with more than 10 technology centers worldwide, allows us to have more than 600 formulations Gomplast placing at the forefront of research elastomeric coatings for industrial rollers.

Global Company

Since its inception Gomplast has been a company with an international aware of the existence of a global market. Gomplast is currently one of the leading companies worldwide in roller coating and has production plants in Spain, China and Pakistan. Also part of the group-Mitex Hannecard, making the company a powerful provider with a high level of RD and production thanks to more than 55 factories and 10 research centers around the world devoted exclusively to the coating roller


Our experience and market knowledge enables us to target our formulations to improve the performance of our rollers and obtaining the highest levels of quality, covering all applications thanks to our high degree of adaptation to different treatments and processes present in all sectors that we cover.

Likewise, resources, processes and activities are geared Gomplast always on the customer, allowing us respond quickly and efficiently urgent needs of companies that entrust their rollers.