Gomplast Textile Division

Formulas of high resistance to aggressive chemical and thermal exposure

The main European manufacturers trust us to develop their rollers for their principal machinery. The global coverage of the group Gomplast-Mitex-Hannecard has more than 50 production plants around the world that allow us to offer local service worldwide.

In the main part of the production processes from the textil industry,the elastometric coverings play an essencial role in the equiment performance.Gomplast has formulas specifically designed to withstand the baths in bleacking and mercerizing processes, which is highly agressive both in a chemical or thermical way. Therefore, achieving the maximum efficiency in .... POR HACER

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What do you need to improve? Bombillamini

The improve needs The solution Gomplast It POSITIO machine
Apply glue in a regular and consistent way, keeping the roller always wet. FILTEX CR (Microporous surface) Second bathroom rack of gluing yarn.
Increased life span of rollers working with silicate based inks. SILTEX Tintura scarf.
Increased life span of rollers working with caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide to 100ºC boats closed. TEXBLANK Impregnation and bleaching, mercerization.
Uniformity within the whole surface of the NIP when squeezing TRIFLEX High squeezing
Major eficiència en l’extracció de l’aigua romanent del teixit TRIFLEX. TRIFLEX High squeezing
Uniformitat en la duresa des de 15 a 100ºC INDIGOM Indigo (tintura i fixació).

Gomplast Textile Division

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