Rollers for the metal industry

Coatings for specific highly competitive sector

The great diversity of sectors and the high number of treatment and industrial processes present in the metal industry in the context of a very competitive and highly specialized market make this one of the most demanding in terms of satisfying needs Specific businesses and achieve the highest quality standards.

Since the most critical position chemically stripping the manufacturers of steel sheets and aluminum to more critical positions of lacquered metal and printing, Gomplast has developed a range of coatings for the metal industry to ensure the maximum performance combined with exceptional life. Our rollers offer a high resistance to abrasion, cutting and wear, high chemical resistance, excellent tensile properties and optimum print quality processes lacquering and varnishing. Contact Gomplast.

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Excellent humectabilitat sustracte of high shear strength. ULTRAMAX (Polyurethane) Lacquering and varnishing lines manufacturing metal containers.
Long lasting, excellent chemical stability and resistance to cuts. TEXPLUS Pickling lines of stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.